Participate in R+T Asia

The 2023 Shanghai R+T Exhibition ended successfully,

Participating in the exhibition is also to observe

industry trends and keep pace with the times.


Participate in R+T Asia

 In 2023, we will participate in Shanghai R+T Exhibition.

After three years of COVID-19,

We have not participated for two years.

Now the epidemic has slowed down,

it is time and good opportunity to communicate

with guests and the industry from all over the world. 





























ISO 9001 quality certification

 At the beginning of 2022, in order to improve

product quality and production efficiency, we hired

consultants to guide and improve

the production process, and got the

international quality certification standard

ISO 9001 after six month later. 


Purchased four additional large-width machines

In order to enhance the company's production

competitiveness, in end of 2021 ,factory in Taiwan

purchased four additional machines larger

width machine, can make finished products of

4 meters, the total annual output will reach

3 million yards.

























50th Anniversary Party

Over 50 the years, Waytex has made grade efforts

and improvementsin quality and service.

Thanks to ever staff and business partners

who accompanied us along the way.

Waytex will continue to operatetowards

environment improves and sustainable development.


Furniture and Home fashion department

 established a factory in Vietnam

In order to expand the business territory and make

the enterprise more internationally competitive,

the company expand overseas factories

of furniture department and home fashion

department in Vietnam.