About Us



In 1970, Waytex Group was established in Taiwan-Hemei.

In the past 50 years, Waytex began take weaving OEM as main business.

During the OEM processwe, keep improving technology and development,

and in 1988 developed PVC covered yarn products successfully.

Gradually expand the scale of the industry, successively established

Textile, Furniture and Home fashion business department.

Waytex become an industry indicator in all aspects, focusing on quality,

customer service and development, so we won the reputation of

customer trust and quality.

In 2022, got the ISO 9001 product quality management certification.

In 2023, actively develop products that meet the

"Global Recycling Standard-GRS" environmental certification.

In the future, we will continue to actively develop the application of

environmentally friendly materials and contribute to the earth's environment.

The company will continue to take care of employee welfare as

the driving force ,customer needs as the center,

and strive to develop in a correct and sustainable direction.


Have perfect employee benefits,
regularly hold employee interactive activities,
pay attention to the physical and mental health of employees
Listen to customer needs at any time
and actively deal with customer concerns,
regularly visit and invite customers to maintain a good relationship 
R & D
With testing equipment, can cooperate to make samples
Develop new designs and colors every year, stay with fashion trends
Keep developing more environmentally friendly products




Established in Taiwan, the main business is weaving OEM, 24 shuttle looms.


Weaving hemp yarn, Improve process to create the highest quality and efficiency in the industry.


transform into weaving and develop PVC covered yarn products. The number of employees reach to 100.


Developed PVC covered yarn for sunsceen roller blind.


In 2005, "Kunshan Waytex Textile Industry Co., Ltd." was established in Kunshan,mainly producing PVC covered yarn products, Olefin fabric.

The number of employees is 280. The annual output is about 9,000,000 yards.


Taiwan factory introduced a new ultra-wide machine,which can make finished products of 4 meters, with a total of 38 looms.

The annual output is 2,280,000 yards.


Actively develop recycled materials and environmentally friendly products that meet the "GRS" certification.