About us

The Waytex Group was established in 1960 in Taiwan.  It was founded in spirit of honesty, professional innovation, and excellent customer service. Over the past 50 years, the group has grown and expanded into varieties of fields, which includes textile, furniture and home fashions.

In 2010, Waytex group expanded its consumer product business into the United States, and set up its U.S. subsidiary - the Superwin Global Enterprise Inc. in Seattle, which started with the product lines, BelleDea™ and BelleVesta™, carrying missions to design and produce the fashion and innovation household products in exceptional quality.

Product Features
With over 40 years of experience in making thousand varieties of fabrics, Waytex has developed an innovatively weather-proof fabric called  DuraBelle™ .  DuraBelle™ is a highly conjugated polymer-coated polyester fabric which is breathable, durable and  washable; it can be produced in millions of patterns and textures, and is applicable both for indoors and outdoors.

BelleVesta™  - Beautiful & Better Life-Style Household Products
The brandname BelleVesta™ means "Beautiful Living Style". This product line is a designer’s' favorite.  it includes tote bags, hampers, placemats, table runners, storage containers and many yet-to-come items. Because of the wide range of patterns and colors, you can find almost any color which can match your personal style.  Alternatively, we can even design and make one only for you!

BelleDea™  - Beautiful, Stylish and Elegant Bags
BelleDea™s are manufactured with varieties of fabrics, within which the main fabric is DuraBelle™ . The company does periodically renew its design for the products. Currently, the BelleDea™ product line includes coin bags, cosmetic bags, organizers, casual handbags, travel bags, and high-quality purses.

The customer needs and greens are our most consideration. Beside BelleDea™ & BelleVesta™, creation, innovation and green will be our goal from now to the future.