Production Procedures

IQC(Incoming Quality Control)

Picture 1:Quality control for Aluminum profiles.
Picture 2: Quality control for spare-parts(screws,bolts,glides etc).

IPQC(In Production Quality Control)

Picture 1:Check bending radius of profile against drawing.
Picture 2:Check dimensions.
Picture 3: Check coating color against color swatch.
Picture 4: Check product to make sure it sits level.

FQC(Final Quality Control)

Picture 1:If logo,hangtag,assembly instructions, etc. included in box.
Picture 2:If goods are protected well and safe in box.

Production Procedures

Use molds to bend the tubes to meet the production needs. And check radius,length,degree of deflection to the drawings.

Spot and full welding
Use molds to fix the different parts together, then welded.

All welds are ground smooth without affecting the integrity of the weld, to maintain strength and have a smooth appearance.

Product uniformity
After grinding, all product dimensions are  against drawings  carefully,and revise accordingly if there is any dimension difference.

All our product goes through a pre-treatment phase to ensure good paint coverage. We have both dipping and spraying capability.
Our powder coating is a state of the art system, with the ability to make quick color changes.

Stainless steel  procedures
The same as Aluminum, we have special facilities and technology for bending,welding, and controlling our process.
In addition, we can brush and EP treating the surface of stainless steel products to  protect it from rusting.

How to make an outdoor woven product? It is not difficult.
But how to make a outdoor woven “artwork”? 
The answer is cooperating with Sunroca. We have professional woven team, we can hand weave  Sunloom,Loom,PVC fiber(or PE fiber),
strap  as well as  synthetic resin  etc. on aluminum or stainless steel frames based on different weaving patterns.

Quality Assurance

We have a professional QC team, that checks every detail from raw materials received, to product shipped against drawings and specs, and purchases orders to verify dimensions and appearance.

Here is a brief procedures for our quality control:
1.IQC(Incoming Quality Control)(Including SGS testing for materials)
2.IPQC(In Production Quality Control)
3.FQC(Final Quality Control)