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About Us

The Waytex Group was established in 1960 in Taiwan's Textile hometown of Changhua. It was founded in the spirit of honesty, professional innovation and excellent service. Over the past 50 years, our group has been running a very successful enterprise in various fields...more

    Environmental Policy

Environmental Policy

We strongly believe in the important role an enterprise can play in “going green”.  

Waytex Textile has followed all environmental policies including,

  1. The reduction of waste and recycling of selvage.
  2. Developing Eco friendly fabric, such as products of use PET recycled yarn.
  3. All of our products have passed REACH specifications and submits to the strictest of regulations in Europe.
  4. Developing alternative environmental friendly materials, including PE, PP, and PET..etc.
  5. All the products have been approved for TVOC test.
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